Wednesday Afternoon Update

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
We are scheduled tonight on ESPN Radio in Louisville (1570 AM) to have Jai Lucas and Chip Cosby, both in the 7 o clock hour. From 6-7:20, we will be taking your calls. Last week we had a ton of calls from Kentucky Sports Radio BLOG folks. Since this show tonight will be this week's podcast, I urge you to call in and let us hear from you. 1-800-510-ESPN. Call anytime through the show and we will get you on the air for any recruiting questions you may have. Here we go.... James Anderson will be committing this afternoon to Oklahoma State. Not a huge surprise, but a good get for the Cowboys. I dont think this commitment has much to do with Jai Lucas's upcoming decision however, for reasons I will go into tonight. Wherever Jai ends up, I now think it is completely independent of other factors. Lavoy Allen committed today to Temple. That was one of UK's remaining power forward backups. I honestly am not sure what UK does if Patrick Patterson goes elsewhere. Jai Lucas has been reported by a writer with the Maryland scout site to have already committed verbally to Maryland and it will be announced next week. I cannot say definitively this is not true, but I am VERY skeptical. I still think I will hear if UK's status as a leader changes....and I have not heard. As far as the story, it could be true. But a guy who runs such a site as that had very few subscriptions, comes up with a "breaking story" and then brags about the number of subscriptions he sold based on said makes me wonder the motivation for the story. Jai might end up at Maryland.....I question however whether this "breaking story" is correct or not. Hey if nothing else, either this guy or Greg Swaim is certainly wrong. Tracy Smith....if he qualifies, UK is very interested. Not sure he will qualify, but I do think that if UK CONFIRMS that Patterson is waiting until Spring, we will hear Smith's name a lot. Signing week begins today.....stuff could come fast and out. And call the show tonight. Jai Lucas should be good and we hope to have the tape on here in the morning.

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