Wednesday Football Practice Notes

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[caption id="attachment_116443" align="alignnone" width="480"] Hmmmmmm, I wonder what's on his mind.[/caption]   - Joker Phillips has yet to name a starting QB but said today that with camp nearly halfway through, he feels the team has improved most in their passing and catching. "We've done a good job on the practice field, we just have to take it to the game field. We've got guys that have great ability, it's just got to happen on gameday, but I feel better about that." My guess is that the starter will be announced next Monday after Saturday's scrimmage, but it's just my guesstimation. - On the defensive side of the ball, Joker is much more comfortable with his number 1s on the field. They have had two Springs under their belt now and almost two fall camps to understand the system and Joker believes they've got it down. The starters are also communicating much better. Coaches preach it at all levels of the game, and they are pleased with how much talk their is in the first group. The next objective for the Cats to get better on defense is by building depth, and Joker wants to see that same type of communication with his 2nd group. - Joker also talked about making sure the Offensive Line is communicating like the defense.
"You have to be on the same page across the board; all 5 parts need to be moving together. Our guys were trying synchronized diving yesterday [at the pool], and that's the way you have to be up front. They have to be in sync, on the same page communicating and that's why we have to stay healthy.
- The Cats have been bruising since the last time the media got to meet with the team. They've practiced 3 times in the last 24 hours, and plan on doing the same thing again tomorrow. Joker was satisfied with the way the coaches have pushed the players, and how the guys have responded. Right now they're mentally shot with the constant football and a little banged up from all the wear and tear, but nothing significant. Defensive line coach David Turner says it best about his lineman, "Their first day is the last day they're going to be healthy." - Even though there are no significant injuries, Offensive Lineman Zach Myers joins Safety Glenn Faulkner with a sprained ankle and will have to sit out for a couple of weeks. - As an update on Martavius Neloms' move to cornerback, he has done more than exceptionally well. Neloms will more often than not be the guy that is locked up one on one with the other teams best WR. His athletic ability makes him more than capable, and will do the secondary core a big favor by allowing the deeper position at Safety to be fought over amongst younger guys, with Dakotah Tyler showing the most improvement.   [email protected]

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