Wednesday News and Views: IS this the newest UK Recruit???

Wednesday News and Views: IS this the newest UK Recruit???

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Its Tuesday night and I am dead tired after a long few days of work....tomorrow will be better, but for now there is news. And it is the young man we see above, one Gabriel Charley. Some of you may remember Charley as the guy who we raved about during our play by play call of AJ Stewart's game in Marshall County. Charley had nine, yes NINE, three pointers in a victory over the worst team this side of Evarts High School. During our pre-game interview with AJ Stewart, AJ mentioned that UK had been recruiting Charley, which of course we all dismissed. Well it turns out that AJ may be onto something. Gabriel did an interview today where he stated that his "Final 3" schools were Kentucky, Kansas State and Illinois (all three schools who interestingly, heavily recruited AJ as well). Then a little birdie told me that UK has ramped up their interest in Charley and will be scouting him for the next month, while keeping in contact. So what do we make of this. Well it could be that this is Kentucky's backup option if things dont work with Jai Lucas. Charley is a quick point guard, who is shoot first, but what a shot he has. While he is streaky, when hot he can make it look easy. But his defense concerns me and I havent seen the makings of a great passer. The fact that the schools who looked at AJ are looking at him can mean one of two things......first, these coaches saw something that others missed on the AAU Circuit and are interested in this (say it with me now) "hidden gem." Or it could simply mean that Charley and AJ sold themselves together and those three schools then gained interest.....or it could mean that Gabriel is simply wishing.....we just dont know. But I do know that Gabriel has been on the lips of some UK folks in the last couple of weeks. UK HAS NOT offered, but they are keeping in contact. What does that mean.....I guess we shall see. Tubby Smith was at Patrick Patterson's high school game tonight in Charleston, West Virginia. Because this is finals week and no games are being played (except at UL where academics is king), the stands were full as Coach K, Billy D and others made the trek as well. P-Patterson is getting the attention, that is for sure. By the way, if you havent heard Ravi Moss's comments from this week's show, DO IT. HE has interesting things to say about booing players, UK recruiting, how the team focuses on games, to what extent basketball is prioritized in the average college player's minds, etc. IT really was a "behind the scenes" set of comments. Some folks may criticize him, but Ravi is being real and expressing what those of us who have been fortunate enough to see the players know.....they look at these games differently than we do. They live the life of a UK basketball player and it is not quite the obsessive life of some UK message board fans. Ravi articulates that very well. Whatever you think about it, Ravi is going to be GREAT at this, and you should really hear what he has to say. Finally, we have had a TON of audio in recent weeks. In case you have missed any of it, here are the links: PRE-GAME AJ Stewart Interview at Hoopfest Episode 16 with Dave Telep talking recruiting at Hoopfest First Half of AJ Stewart's High School Game Hour 1 of ESPN Radio Show #2 Hour 2 of ESPN Radio Show #2 EPISODE 17 of Kentucky Sports Radio at BW3's in Lexington with Ravi Moss

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