Wednesday Practice Notes

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[caption id="attachment_117675" align="alignnone" width="500"] Rick Minter has a lot of work to do this week.[/caption] - In case you weren't outside today it was a little warm. Joker said the players really had to push through in order to finish practice, with a few of them having to puke and rally. Joker says there has been a little sickness going around (I can personally attest to that) but regardless it's good to see that they aren't backing down from a challenge.   - Injury Update: Josh Clemons will be out this week, and Joker's attitude made it seem like it won't be for awhile, my guess is at least 2 weeks before we'll have a chance to see him on the field. Glenn Faulkner won't be re-evaluated for another 5-6 weeks. CoShik Williams and Josh Forrest are both banged up and have not seen any practice time, even though they should be good to go by Saturday.   - Like Drew said earlier, Joker placed a twitter ban for before and after gamedays. Now whether it's 20 hours or 24 (he said both) it really doesn't matter, so long as there are no more public hiccups.   - For those that heard the comments from the coaches about the defense not being lined up properly Sunday, let me clarify. Joker stated, "every play has an alignment, assignment and an adjustment. We weren't making the adjustments." This is usually a problem at all levels on Week 1, but not of this magnitude. For most of the defense, it was their first start, but you can't blame it all on youth. By game time, the players should simply react to what the offense is giving them, rather than having to think about what they are supposed to do. Joker said they will have to simplify the defense some, which should create a better product on the field come Saturday.   - Freshman Linebackers Khalid Henderson and Pancho Thomas WILL play Saturday. "You give up 460-something yards and you are a junior, why not put a freshman in there and see if we can give up 400 (with a guy) that’s more talented than those guys." The defense will be simplified enough to put these guys in the right situation.   - I unrelated news, my PS 439G Professor Dr. Clayton Thyne had to own up to a bet in class today. On the bright side, his University of Louisville colleague had to wear blue in class twice last Spring #booyah. [caption id="attachment_117674" align="alignnone" width="500"] The red was extremely distracting, but at least he is a man of his word.[/caption]    

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