Wednesday Spring Practice Notes
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Wednesday Spring Practice Notes

Nick Roushover 6 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush



After being one of the few Lone Ranger's for the last couple of weeks, the entire local media conglomerate flooded the football facilities today.  Since they've been gone awhile, they had to bring up the same dreaded question, "Are the Quarterbacks separating themselves?" I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret: a starting QB will NOT be announced for a long, long time. There's no reason too.  I mean, they only have two, and Towles is running with the ones, so it really doesn't matter if you officially name someone a starter.  Shannon Dawson said, "That’s the furthest thing from my mind right now, to be honest with you." Both guys have had their good and bad, with the bad occurring less often.  The Spring has been used to get them acquainted with the offense and with each other.  Towles has been a good leader and Stoops is pleased with Drew Barker, on and off the field.  After Stoops spoke with Drew about getting his act together, Drew has responded, "He’s taking care of his business.  I’m pleased with where he’s at, and he’s making a lot of progress.”

Mikel Horton is a New Man

Mikel Horton readily admits that he wasn't prepared for SEC football when he arrived on Campus as an early enrollee last Spring.  "I came here at 245, about 14% body fat.  I didn't really look like a running back, more like a linebacker.  Now, I weighed in today at 220 and I'm (at) 8% body fat." Last year, he couldn't make a big play without taking himself for fatigue.  It motivated him to put in extra time on the exercise bike, coming into the facility late at nights to push himself.  He started dieting, cutting out bread completely.  Now he's lighter on his feet, more comfortable in open space and running routes.

The 'Bad Boys' have to Prove It

Bud and Za'Darius hoped to make the 'Bad Boys' a calling card for the defense last year.  I don't have to tell you that they weren't always the baddest of boys.  Early in their first scrimmage, the defensive sideline got a 'Bad Boys' chant going after a big hit, before the offense dominated.  Stoops has to develop his defense A LOT more before they can earn a nickname.
"You can’t talk yourself into those things.  You have to be a good unit.  You have to play with confidence.  You got to go out and execute every day.  You can’t just go out and make up something."

Dawson hasn't Been Uptempo this Spring

When offenses are running plays in and out like Oregon, it's a beautiful sight to see.  The fast-paced play is something Dawson wants to incorporate into his offense this Fall, but the Spring is all about "getting better at stuff."  Rather than hurrying, he's more focused on proper execution, "A lot of times when you’re going fast, you don’t put clear clips on tape," Dawson said.  "I don’t necessarily think it’s very beneficial for the defense and it’s not beneficial for the offense."

An Injury Update

Boom Williams, along with Austin Mahone, has had to put the team on his back because of injuries.  Jojo Kemp has been sick, missing the last few days, but is expected to return Friday.  Mikel Horton has been taking it easy after he sprained his right ankle.  He hopes to be back for Saturday's scrimmage, but it wasn't a pleasant injury; he sprained it after 330-pound fullback/noseguard Jacob Hyde fell on him. It's OK though because Jacob redeemed himself with his first live-action catch today, a short gain in the flat.

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