Wednesday's Would You Rathers

Wednesday's Would You Rathers

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So around my parts we like to play a little game called Would Your Rather.  The premise is simple enough – I present you with two choices, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and you debate which you would rather go with.  While mine usually cater to the absurd (‘Would you rather have dinosaur legs or horned owls for hands’ – hat tip to Clay Johnson,) these will all have some tie in to the Kentucky sports world.


Would you rather be an Indiana fan or a Louisville fan (obviously if forced by gun point?)

I’ve honestly never been witness to a good Indiana team, and therefore don’t feel the rivalry towards them as a program.  On the one hand, being a fan of Louisville has to be miserable.  You’ve got a coach that is sketchy as all get out, and your primary rival has owned the past couple years.  On the other hand, you would have some success – whereas Indiana is flat out awful these days.  In other words, will you value success or dignity?

Would you rather have Terrence Jones or Demarcus Cousins (on their respective teams?)

The only time I’ve heard many comparisons between Terrence Jones and Demarcus Cousins are from the announcers looking at statistics.  They are fairly different players, but the comparisons have been made so let’s think on it.  By this point in Boogie’s career, he was still having consistency issues, but more often than not provided easy buckets and grabbed rebound after rebound.  Terrence Jones operates more around the perimeter, but still gets the points and the boards.  Both have a tendency to take unwanted three’s, but Jones has a much greater chance at hitting them.  In other words, do you value straight dominance down low or more of a hybrid?

Would you rather have won the football game against Pittsburgh or have Enes Kanter be eligible for the NCAA tournament only?

They say Kentucky is a basketball school, but all too often that over looks the huge amount of Kentucky football devotion.  The Pitt game is over and can’t influence the rest of the season, and honestly there isn’t a huge amount of excitement in being the BBVA Compass Bowl winners.  Still, it has put a negative stigma around the football program that could last through the summer no matter how many impromptu press conferences Joker has.  On the other hand, it sure would nice to see the turk do work, even if it’s only for 4-6 games.

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