Week 1 Football Scores From Around the SEC...

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Aritcle written by:Derek JohnsonDerek Johnson
Hopefully by now you all have found a way to get that awful taste out of your mouth after watching Kentucky lose to it's in-state, directional school cousin for the second consecutive year. We've talked about what happened quite a bit on this site, so I won't be redundant. However, "that team" (as Bobby Petrino would say) was flat out better than Kentucky in nearly every aspect of the game Saturday night. It seemed to me like everyone (players, fans and even the coaches) was shell-shocked from the opening kickoff. We all knew this was going to be a long season, regardless, but if the Cats don't find a way to rid those nerves before the matchup with Miami (OH) this week, then it may get even uglier than expected. However, there's no reason to give up on this team and/or staff at this point in time in the process. Anyways, I am here today to update you on the scores around the SEC from week one. Here's how it played out... ***Note: Bottom team: home, top team: away     Ole Miss   39 Vanderbilt   35 Toledo   6 Florida   24 Rice   31 Texas A&M   52 Miss. St.   3 Oklahoma St.   21 LA-Lafayette   14 Arkansas   34 Alabama   35 Virginia Tech   10 Austin Peay   0 Tennessee   45 Washington St.   24 Auburn   31 Murray St.   14 Missouri   58 Georgia   35 Clemson   38 LSU   37 TCU   27   Not including Vanderbilt (anyone else find it odd that they opened up the season against another SEC opponent?), the SEC lost a total of three games in week one. Kentucky and Mississippi St. were joined by Georgia, who lost by three points to a damn good Clemson team, in the losing column. As expected, the rest of the SEC was able to take care of business pretty handily and get the best conference in America out to a good start to kickoff the season. Go Cats Go SEC   @DJohnson_KSR                

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