Weekend Wrap Up: SEC Football

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Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Ole Miss – 24

Arkansas – 38

Ryan Mallet went out again this week with injury, and the game featured two delays due to lightning, but Arkansas finally won one against the coach they ran out of town after a dominating first half.  The more I watch Arkansas, the more I enjoy them.  They seem like the kind of team that is exciting to watch, but not nearly dominating enough to feel that threatened by.  Unless of course, you’re Vanderbilt and you’re playing them next week.

LSU – 17

Auburn – 24

Seriously, where in the world did Cam Newton come from?  From a junior college last year, to one of the best players in the NCAA this year.  It’s ridiculous.  Auburn takes out LSU in a battle of the undefeated to become the only unblemished SEC team left.  Normally I would say that Auburns defense is too suspect for them to win out, but honestly, I don’t think Cam Newton’s team even needs to play defense to win.

South Carolina – 21

Vanderbilt – 7

South Carolina took out their frustration from last weeks cat-nap on an unsuspecting Vanderbilt team behind their third on the depth chart running back Maddox.  After watching Garcia literally throw the Kentucky game away in the second half, Spurrier got back to the bread and butter and ran it down the Commodores throats.  Fake USC still has a lot of big teams left down the stretch, but at this point things look to be lining up for a trip to Atlanta.

UAB – 24

Mississippi State – 29

This game was surprisingly close.  Since the season started and I saw the dogs play Auburn close, for some reason I have had it in my mind that they are a solid team this year.  Not too much backs it up, other than a win against an ailing Florida, but we will know more this week when Kentucky travels to Mississippi.  Sure the dogs can play defense, but can they score enough to keep up with Cobb and potentially Locke?  We will see.

Alabama – 41

Tennessee – 10

Alabama goes into it’s bye week on a high, demolishing arch rival Tennessee by 31.  There were some who thought the Tide weren’t all they were cracked up to be after they lost to the Cocks.  And maybe they aren’t as dominant in certain areas as they were last year.  But they certainly looked that way last week, and with a two weeks before they play LSU, look for Alabama to be heading into the final week of the regular season (and Auburn) with only one loss. 

Georgia – 44

Kentucky – 31

It’s been an interesting season for Cats fans.  We saw two games where opponents took an early lead, only to give it up in the second but still manage to win.  Then Kentucky played USC, and the same script played out, only with Kentucky to push through and come out with the win.  Then Georgia began that dance, jumping out to a huge first quarter lead.  But instead of letting up in the second half, the dogs kept enough momentum to let them cruise to a win, and now Kentucky has got to win two of the last four to even become bowl eligible.  (Don’t worry, they will.  The real question remains, will this be the season we break the streak?)

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