Welcome the "First Couple of KSR"

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This past weekend, myself and the entire KSR crew attended the first ever "KSR Wedding".  First, lets give a back story that led to the marriage of Matt and Paige Hendrickson.  They first met at KSR Christmas Party 2006, when Paige was in a long term relationship with Beisner and Matt was in a short term thing with Fake Gimel.  But, once these two locked eyes, Beisner and FGM didn't stand a chance.  And on Saturday, after the App. St. game of course, these two started what is sure to be another passionate UK family.  It was nice to see the entire KSR crew again, with Tomlin coming in his tuxedo T-shirt, Evan in his Baby Blue Tux, and our new guy Hunter coming in a painted on tux.  But, nonetheless, we sat through a wonderful ceremony in Nashville, with Matt Jones only yelling "Objection!" three or four times.  The reception was just as fun, to take part in "The Intern Dance-off", myself pulling out the win in that one.  And let's not forget Mosley making uncomfortable advances on all the grandmother's.  Still, the bride and groom cut their wonderful Dr. Seuss cake (of which you can kinda see in the first picture), and the entire wedding got Rick Rolled several times.  In all seriousness, both Paige and Matt are avid readers of the blog and can now officially be called "The First Couple of KSR".  Congratulations to both of them as they begin their wonderful life together.  Tell me if I am crazy, but I have also posted a picture of Paige's father, who I think has a striking resemblance to Billy Gillispie.  Just more reason this marriage will be a success.  Oh, also both of them are taking suggestions on what the name of their first child will be.  My pick: Shagari.   

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