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Aritcle written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
601158849_o__96767.1346910711.1280.1280   Hello, friends. I can only assume that if you're reading this right now, you are good at clicking on things to find out what they are. While that may backfire from time to time on your workplace computer, I hope to assure you that this time it did not. As you have seen the site redesign of KSR, you also will notice new categories, new sub-content and new avenues both Kentucky-based and otherwise. Funkhouser, which is what you've clicked on here, just now, assuming you're still reading this, is KSR's offshoot into all things pop culture and entertainment. If you are only wanting recruiting news please hit the "back" arrow on your browser now. I cannot stress this enough, and if you only seek recruiting news you will in a very short time find yourself on the comment section of this area of the website complaining about the lack of these things. And that will just bum everybody out, I can assure you. Funkhouser will not only be the receptacle which catches all pop-culture-related posts and videos from KSR, but a place for new content as well -- from television to film to music to food. Consider Funkhouser to be KSR's cousin who won't shut up about Breaking Bad, or its neighbor who plays music too loud and then tells you you're "too old" to understand it. You'll also find new, Funkhouser-only pop culture content from much of the KSR crew you know as well as new voices you'll enjoy. We will all have so many laughs, and slap each other on the backs happily, like we're having just a great time, and think later about how much fun we all had together. It's going to be a real hoot, I think. We hope you'll stop back by early and often to see what pops up here, and maybe it'll be something you like. Something new. We also hope you'll join into the discussion. Like its big brother KSR, Funkhouser will be pop culture and entertainment writing in the most ridiculous manner possible, and it should be a good time. If not; hey, you clicked on it. It's your own fault. I will take no blame for your click-crazy habits.

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