Welcome to the Big Blue Family, Bun B!

Welcome to the Big Blue Family, Bun B!

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
After a season-long flirtation between last year's team and hip-hop youngster Drake, the latest version of Calipari's Kentucky squad has kicked it up a notch and brought a rap legend into the fold.  Houston rap heavyweight Bun B has taken a liking to a certain Kentucky big man and considering he once rapped on "Int'l Players Anthem", it's not the one you might expect.  It's still a liking, however, that is sure to send chills of joy into every blue hair in Rupp Arena. After noting that Terrence Jones "went hard in the paint" and receiving an obligatory expression of gratitude from UK's leading scorer, Bun B took a sip of his prognostication sizzurp and Tweeted this:


So, there you go.  Not only will UK make it to the Final Four, one-half of UGK will be in attendance to welcome them to his city.  And before you start discounting the insight of Mr. Bernard Freeman, just rememember that it's "easy as A B C, simple as 1 2 3, get down with UGK, Pimp C & B-U-N B".  Hard to argue with that.

Go Cats.  Keep it trill. 

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