Well its All over Now and it sure is Monday... (Lucas, Moses, Brooks...etc)

by:Matt Jones10/08/06
Another great weekend for the folks here at Kentucky Sports Radio as we descended in mass at the Kentucky-South Carolina game. It was a tough loss, but hey what are you gonna do? Midnight Madness is this weekend and all will be cured.....well at least we hope. We taped Episode 9 of Kentucky Sports Radio and folks....this one has some good stuff. We talked with JAI LUCAS and MARSHALL MOSES both of whom gave some info that will get the recruiting folks excited. And we talked football and basketball with the great Larry Vaught who gave some great perspective on the events of the week. The show is our Recruiting Spectacular, so look for it around 1 or 2 pm this afternoon. Now onto the news.... (1) As I said, we interviewed the always great Jai Lucas today and there was a lot of interesting news from him. First and foremost, he dispelled virtually all of the Greg Swaim news from the Oklahoma St site is bunk.....and for the record, he has never even met Greg. Still loves Kentucky and said during the interview that he still could see himself committing at Midnight Madness if things work out. I do think you folks should really listen to this one....he talks about James Anderson, he talks about Patrick Patterson and he talks about what he will do to help recruit guys to whatever school he goes to....it is very good stuff. (2) The biggest news from my perspective is that the Marshall Moses interview suggests that he may be very close to pulling the trigger on UK as well. He said in the interview that his coach told him to go to UK last because "if you go first, you just might commit." He is being recruited by Kansas, Illinois and Memphis but admits that UK is his favorite. HE knows AJ Stewart, having played with him before, and he said he is as excited about coming to UK in two weeks as he can be. This is a kid whose stock is rising....who has big schools knocking at his door....and who has one visit scheduled, and isnt making any more until he sees how UK goes....sounds good if you are a Big Blue fan. (3) I found out this weekend the story on JJ Hickson and the cancellation of the Florida visit. From my source, it was on Florida's end but has NOTHING to do with the Patrick Patterson recruitment. Rather this was an individual choice having solely to do with Hickson. I wont go into the story here, as Hickson is not likely still a significant UK target, but those who saw this as a potential bad news case for UK and Patterson, should breath a sigh of relief. The Hickson news should not be seen as a sign of what he is going to do either way. (4) Watch out for the high-rising Jeff Brooks recruitment. I spoke with a very respected recruiting analyst who said that he believes Brooks is headed for the Top 75 of the class before the whole thing is over and that he is one of the "5 biggest risers in the country from last year to this year." It is a tough call for Tubby as I think this kid is imminently getable and the decision when to offer is not an easy one. But if Brooks gets off to a hot high school season start, whatever decision UK makes will probably be made very quickly as he will either get an offer or commit somewhere else. (5) Dont overlook another visitor to Midnight Madness that no one is talking about.....Lavoy Allen. This power forward is another guy rising up the charts and our own Rob Gidel thinks that if UK loses Patterson, Allen would not be much of a step down. Allen is close with the Morris twins and is scheduled to come to Madness with them. We all talk about the potential of a Patterson, Lucas, Stewart class. Dont overlook the potential for a Lucas, Stewart, Williams, Morris twins, Allen class.....not out of the question. And finally, going into these next couple of weeks, it is important to remember that truly anything can happen. The chips could fall in such a way that in literally two weeks, UK is done with fall recruiting....or in two weeks, UK might literally have no one but Williams(although that would surprise me with Stewart coming in). Ultimately the first decisions will have huge effects on the other decisions. When guys take scholarships and positions, other guys fall out of the equation. It will be a lot of fun, but one shouldnt panic too quickly. Things may take some time to develop. But one thing is for sure, the next two weeks will be news filled. Have a great Monday and get ready for the show this afternoon....

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