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Well, it's been awhile since we've talked. It seems like every time my it's my turn to put a post up, the site crashes or the server feels like my post was unworthy and erases it. Therefore, I'm going to go over a couple things in quick sentence form before we even get into the meat of today's post or the links for the day. First, Lamb and Selby: Doron Lamb has a top four of Kentucky, Kansas, West Virginia and Arizona. Odd that UConn and Oklahoma made such a drop and West Virginia was able to make such a leap. Josh Selby was said to be leaning toward two schools, Arizona and Kansas, according to Zag's blog's sources but my feeling is that, even if that were true, much could change that situation. So while he may be leaning toward those schools if things play out the way that they look to be, if Knight goes to a school other than UK, Kentucky's chances greatly increase or, in other words, those leanings won't mean very much. Second, Marquis Teague: Teague visited UL over the weekend and, according to InsidetheVille.com, Slick Rick tried to pull a commitment out of him. That isn't really that odd but the situation that followed kind of made me smile a bit. Teague described the situation by saying that he just kind of laughed, which sounded kinda like an awkward moment to me, which was followed by Ricky fully pulling the sheet off the elephant in the room and saying that he'd like to speed the process up a bit. Seems like Rick knows what everyone else knows and that is that if Teague leaves the door open longer, the better the chances are for UK to slip in even more. The Meat, Brandon Knight, Part I: The meat may be a little thinner today because I feel like we're having to play a little catchup but here we go. Most of you already read and sent in some questions to me about my feelings of Zag's blog's recent article saying that Knight would commit to UK sometime after his Miami visit. All that I can say is that this article butts up well with what myself and even Matt have passed along to you guys from time to time and that is that UK has felt pretty confident about landing Knight throughout the process. However, the good news coming from the article is that Knight may decide for UK in the recent future. That news is new news and it would greatly help with landing the other prospects in the class that UK is targeting. If Knight jumps on board, the entire class and situation for UK next year looks incredibly better, even in the eyes of say Doron Lamb, who is a combo guard concerned with playing time but also wants to play for a winner who will be in the national spotlight. UK will find Lamb or the others playing time. Being a part of a great class will help lure in some big fish. The Meat, Part II: Not so fast Zag's blog followers. The Shiver.com spoke with Brandon Knight's father who says that the recent news on Knight and sources around him are nothing more than a "wild guess." However, Knight's father does still speak glowingly of UK and does not at all rule out the chance that Knight will ultimately commit to UK. He does say that he expects Knight to wait until after his basketball season is over but again he doesn't seem to rule out that Knight might make a decision sooner. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Zagoria's sources end up being right. Other Notes:

- From the Shiver's message boards, Josh Selby scored 41 last night with Kansas' coaching staff in the crowd watching.

- A little video of CJ Leslie doing what he does best.

- UK has made a scholarship offer to 2012 star and recent UK visitor, JP Tokoto.

- This is Josh Selby's mother, Maeshon Witherspoon's response to the Zag's Blog report that they were leaning toward Kansas and Arizona.

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