This Would Be Interesting

This Would Be Interesting

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


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bracketology-2-14 The weekly Bracketology updates are purely speculative and essentially only for debate purposes.  And that's what makes them so great.  This week's version doesn't disappoint in the intrigue department either as ESPN's Joe Lunardi projects the Cats to play in the home of the Sports Junkies as a five-seed and against (gasp!) the Memphis Tigers!  It's the student vs. the teacher, the spurned ex-girlfriend against the soulmate, a reason for Dan Wolken's nipples to bulge out of his tiny shirt! Here are where UK's regular season opponents are projected: 2 - Notre Dame 3 - Florida 4 - UConn 4 - North Carolina 4 - Louisville 5 - Vanderbilt 7 - Washington 7 - Tennessee 10 - Georgia 12 - Alabama *Obligatory Wolken photo:

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