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Wendy's KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

Article written by:On3 imageCourtney Hessler
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You can be a part of Wendy's KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:

#10 Justin Sizemore

https://twitter.com/JustinSizemore/status/616792673358336001 Canadian Football isn't that bad. We need to embrace Canada more as Kentucky fans.              

#9 Seth Wolf

https://twitter.com/bigblue_fan/status/616996805075730432 I want a shirt that says "long time, first time". I'll let the reader interpret it.            

#8 Kige Ramsey

https://twitter.com/kramsey1225/status/616802983603503104 You told them, Kige.              

#7 Lily Anderson

https://twitter.com/LilyAnderson7/status/617049161540739073 It's always a good day when you make friends this way.              

#6 Brandon Metts

https://twitter.com/BMetts21/status/617131878013865984 Forget his behind-the-scenes Kentucky book. I want this.              

#5 Tuckasee

https://twitter.com/tuckasee/status/617079417916014595 Ouch.              

#4 Harrison Spires

https://twitter.com/HarrySpires/status/616812619199029249 All of them are dirty if you think hard enough.              

#3 Wildcat Statue

https://twitter.com/WildcatStatue/status/616984578205569025 This is the hardest question I have ever had to think about. Also, who would be Voldemort?              

#2 Ben Goldey

https://twitter.com/BenGoldey/status/617077088609247232 Accurate.              

#1 Matthew Mahone

https://twitter.com/mmahone75/status/617112861026963457 Dear lord, please let this not be the case.   @Hessler_KSR

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