Wendy's KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

Wendy's KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

Courtney Hesslerover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Courtney HesslerCourtney Hessler
Salads_500x500 Wendy's Fresh-Made Salads offer healthy fast food choices, fresh toppings, and the choice to select from nutritious options for healthy living. ___________________________________________________________________ You can be a part of Wendy's KSR Top Ten Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtopten. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets: #10 Michael Vinson https://twitter.com/mlv4cats/status/581122448013168640 I am officially publicly shaming this guy on KSR.         #9 Oscar Combs https://twitter.com/wildcatnews/status/581157684080168960 https://twitter.com/JaredLorenzen22/status/581158012947156993 I love this duo together.         #8 Brad Paisley https://twitter.com/BradPaisley/status/581157315023228928 I hate country even more now.         #7 Andrew 36-0 Payne https://twitter.com/majorpayne12321/status/580933149040996352 It's because Gottlieb is all powerful and can do what he wants.         #6 Barry Carty https://twitter.com/barrycarty13/status/581083314515283969 Too late, guys.         #5 brandon lutsch https://twitter.com/blutsch813/status/581202152435126272 Alright. That's one face down and about twenty to go.         #4 Kyle Gibson https://twitter.com/KyleisGibson/status/581168566252224512         #3 Phillip Stickler https://twitter.com/SSG_Stickman83/status/581162814678650881 Accurate.         #2 Amelia B. McCormick https://twitter.com/AmeliaMcCormick/status/581242277634416641 The sad thing is you probably aren't the first Kentucky fan to do this.         #1 Matthew Mahone https://twitter.com/mmahone75/status/581140014769160192 You are wrong, Matthew. WVU has 17 NCAA titles. (from the rifle team) @Sealey_KSR

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