Wesley Woodyard is Rising
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Wesley Woodyard is Rising

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
erwre Good news from the NFL Combine....Wesley Woodyard placed 2nd fastest out of all the Linebackers at the event. The announcers are saying that Woodyard is rising up draft boards and moving himself into the first day of NFL prospects. Good times. The NFL Combine is strangely fascinating. Yesterday Johnny "The" Bruce and I spent a good two hours watching people run 40 yard dashes and doing the high jump. A good game to play while watching is to attempt to guess the time simply by watching the run....a very difficult, but rewarding task. It also led us to consider what would happen if we had a Kentucky Sports Radio and 93.9 The Ticket Combine. Here is our best guess on the 40 Yard Dash prospects of such an event: Kentucky Sports Radio Combine: 1. Turkey Hunter 2. Bomani Jones 3. Mosley 4. Rob Gidel 5. Intern 6. Matt Jones 7. Tomlin 8. Hubby 9. Bryan the Intern 10. Gregg Doyel The 93.9 The Ticket Combine: 1. Scott Padgett 2. Dave Ragone 3. Matt Jones 4. Johnny the Freak 5. Jody Demling 6. Rick Bozich 7. The Big EZ Now if we are talking the weight lifting, things change a bit.... Kentucky Sports Radio Combine: 1. Turkey Hunter 2. Mosley 3. Hubby 4. Matt Jones 5. Bomani Jones 6. Rob Gidel 7. Intern 8. Tomlin 9. Bryan the Intern 10. Gregg Doyel 93.9 The Ticket 1. Dave Ragone 2. Scott Padgett 3. Rick Bozich 4. Big EZ 5. Matt Jones 6. The Freak 7. Jody Demling So with that, lets do the 40 times for UK basketball and football commentators. Take these guys and put them in order: Rob Bromley Dave Baker Dick Gabriel Jerry Tipton John Clay Alan Cutler Martin Newton Ryan Lemond Larry Vaught Bill Keightley So what say you?

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