What a coincidence!

What a coincidence!

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[caption id="attachment_179273" align="alignnone" width="503"]Alltech Herald Alltech Herald[/caption] In today's news from the @UKCoachCalipari Twitter account, John Calipari sent out a series of tweets this afternoon to say he is looking for players that want to enjoy the process: https://twitter.com/UKCoachCalipari/status/606149997185351681 Coincidentally, this is Jamal Murray's most recent tweet: https://twitter.com/BeMore27/status/601526083306000385 Here's John Calipari's entire message:
I'm always looking for players that want to get better and enjoy the PROCESS! LeBron James said it best when he said he changed when it became about the process of being great, not just BEING GREAT. The joy we all get from the process is what brings us joy while the other brings anxiety! I'm excited just thinking about starting the process of helping this new team become special.

Purely coincidental, I'm sure. Nothing to see here. (Insert winky face.)

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