What did Coach Cal and Larry Brown talk about?

Drew Franklinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Coach Cal spent some time with Charlotte Bobcats head coach Larry Brown before the Bobcats playoff game against the Magic on Saturday.  Calipari tweeted that Coach Brown and his staff gave a suggestion for the UK program that is BIG.  Then, in typical Coach Cal teasing fashion, Calipari said he will break the news later once he ran it by a few people and that it is "exciting" and "could change things."  Way to leave us hanging, Coach. Well, today, Calipari acknowledged Big Blue Nation's curiosity and decided to tease us even more with this tweet: "@UKCoachCalipari: You know what? I'm not quite ready to discuss it. Can u decipher it? He talked about *thd#j r &ftwxim ^ei* @$xf 6$2 T*^$!" Decipher it?  Really?  Last time I checked, Benjamin Gates and Robert Langdon aren't UK fans.  Does Coach Cal really think we're going to sit around and stare at that random order of characters and try to decipher it?  Of course he does.  And we will. One KSR reader seems to think the answer to the code is: - "He talked about playin r exhibit game with NBA team!" All I've come up with is: - "He talked about sendin a Bobcats head band for Enes!" - "He talked about Grease 2 limited edit gift box price" - "He talked about singin a karaoke song with Bob Hope!" So what do you think it could be?  Submit your suggestions in the comments.  We'll figure this thing out! He talked about *thd#j r &ftwxim ^ei* @$xf 6$2 T*^$!

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