What home court advantage?

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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
the-good-doctor In sports, as in life, you can always go home. It’s your sanctuary. It’s your safeplace. Or, if you’re a certain Herald-Leader writer or several of my uncles, home is where they disapprove of you quite heavily. In a move that I'm sure has some sort of reasoning behind it (mailing out comment cards privately are expensive these days?), Gentleman John Clay has started a series of Media (or Herald-Leader to this point) Approval Ratings over on his blog. Not surprisingly, Gentleman John landed a mid-90s approval rating and Mark "The Story" Story picked up just over 50%. However, the one they call The Good Doctor, Jerry Tipton, had only 8% approval this morning. On his own site. From his own readers. Ouch.  It sure is hard out there for a Hall of Famer. Obviously, this got the wheels churning in my mind - a head that, it should be noted, has twice been approved by the readers on this website. Take that Tipton! I first wondered if Matt Jones could actually pick up 8% approval in a poll of the loyal Maggardites.  After realizing that it's physically impossible to get 1.6 votes, which would be needed for 8%, I started to think about what could be more approved than Jerry Tipton.  Knowing that you guys are the real brains behind this operation, I  took it to Twitter and the bright minds that read this site. You had some truly awesome observations. Here are my favorites:
@druboyer  MC Hammer applying for a credit card #moreapprovedthantipton @middlesborojoe  Eddie Sutton and Billy Clyde carpooling is #moreapprovedthantipton @chris_minton  derrick miller getting a job with ticketmaster #moreapprovedthantipton @billmeehan  Eric Manual's ACT score #moreapprovedthantipton @chainsaw01  Tiger Woods at his in-laws #moreapprovedthantipton @wildcatfandave  Karen Sypher coming over for Christmas at the Pitino's #moreapprovedthantipton @RichBrooksUK  Steve Kragthorpe's coaching job #moreapprovedthantipton @tadbowman  @KySportsRadio 's 'big' political announcements. #moreapprovedthantipton @sevaen  Kristie Alley in a bikini is #moreapprovedthantipton @asb4UK  Vinny Tatum, Maitre' De #moreapprovedthantipton @dacarp2  Katie Martin's dunking abilities #moreapprovedthantipton @lincolnduff   uk's bball team at Joe b's #moreapprovedthantipton @Jamo0001  Laettner doing "The Y" during the UofL game would be #moreapprovedthantipton @thomasbeisner  Rick Pitino at a National Right to Life rally #moreapprovedthantipton @thomasbeisner  Circumcisions from Michael J. Fox #moreapprovedthantipton @thomasbeisner  Matt Jones' barber #moreapprovedthantipton
And my personal favorite.....
@deuceshoes  Rex Chapman's choice of girlfriend's #moreapprovedthantipton
So, cheer up, Jerry. You might not be getting the love at home, but we gave you like a 13% approval rating or something. And, if you asked Tiger Woods, that'd be the good stuff anyway.

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