What I Like About Drew

Nick Roushover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


[caption id="attachment_132946" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Barker has the facial expression of a champion at the Elite 11 QB combine in Chicago. (h/t Scout) Barker has the facial expression of a champion at the Elite 11 QB combine in Chicago. (h/t Scout)[/caption]   You throw that spiral tight... Usually this is a given if you expect to be a Division I Quarterback, but Barker's ball is too pretty not to talk about. Barker would not be able to 'laser-in' his accurate passes across the middle of the field if that spiral wasn't humming towards the target.   Short, long, never wrong... Neal Brown is recruiting a QB to break Couch's records. The only way a QB at UK can manage that is if he can make big plays down the field, after luring in the defense with short passes. Barker has the arm to make the big play down the field.  Even though the big play is there for him, he can stick to his bread-and-butter in the short game.  With a high tempo offense running as many plays as possible, eating some yards away with bread-and-butter opens up a spot in line for the big steak at the end of the buffet (you call it a touchdown, I'm hungry thinking about steak).   Always reading defenses right... Barker isn't just a big right shoulder; he has a nice brain sitting on top of those shoulders.  Making the right reads against SEC defenses is a challenge for the best of the best. The good news for Barker: he has nearly perfected Neal Brown's offense at Conner High School at only 17 years old.  It's rare to see a high school quarterback check down from his #1 WR on the play, all the way to his #4 option.  They say 'patience is a virtue'; be happy Barker is patient and smart enough to make the right throws at a very young age.   Stoops whispering in your ear... Mark Stoops and Neal Brown have relentlessly recruited Barker since they arrived on campus, despite the last staff seemingly blowing him off.  Barker has visited multiple times, including the record-setting Spring Game. The staff has sent 100+ handwritten letters in a single day, including "100 Reasons to go to Kentucky". Charlie Strong's impact QB Teddy Bridgewater has taken Louisville's football program places it has never seen before.  Stoops and Brown understand that Barker can make that same type of impact at UK.   Tell #BBN what they want to hear, cause it's BLUE! It's What I Like About Drew   - If those weren't enough to convince, check out his highlight reel. @RoushKSR

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