What is going on down in Athens?

Thomas Beisnerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
 If you made the horrible mistake of watching SportsCenter instead of Saved By the Bell today when you were knocking down a bowl of Wheaties and dreading your post-road trip working Monday, you might have noticed a video of Georgia coach Mark Fox knocking down a shot from the second row behind the basket. The video of Fox rocketed to #4 on the hottest sports plays of the day according to the Worldwide Leader and, no doubt, had recruits beating down the door of the new Bulldog head man. What I didn’t know, though, is that the video originated at Passer’s Remorse, a blog run by Georgia basketball player Connor “C-Note” Nolte, who is sitting out this year after transferring from Furman. Apparently, C-Note’s blog features a “Game Day Trick Shot”, which is not the “trick shot” you’d expect from a guy named “C-Note”. It’s an actual basketball shot. Here’s Fox: But, pre-game wizardry aside, there’s a possibility that a Kentucky team that is coming off their second loss of the year could have their hands full in Athens this week. The Bulldogs gave the Cats a test at Rupp the first time around (and gave DeMarcus Cousins a testicle tattoo on his forehead), which was before they hit their stride. Under Fox, Georgia now has three wins over top-25 teams and holds a four-game winning streak at a no longer attendance deficient Stegeman Coliseum. In fact, Kentucky is the only SEC East that has a chance to win on the road there this season. They’re starting to come together it seems. But, do the Bulldogs have the right mix to give the Cats issues in Athens this week? Or, can we expect a passionate, vengeful bloodbath against the Dawgs? Discuss and debate below. Also, do not request an interview from him prior to the game.

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