What is the "Wildcat Code"?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


cal In case you missed it over the weekend, Dominique Hawkins spilled the beans about UK basketball's uber-secret honor society, the "Wildcat Code." What is it? Apparently a point-based rewards system through which players can earn privileges for good behavior. For example, if they take care of business in the classroom or gym that day, they'll earn points that go towards things like getting access to the team locker room, a single room at the Wildcat Lodge, and ultimately, their jersey. After Hawkins broke the first two rules of the Wildcat Code by telling everyone about it, John Calipari had to do his thing and address it on Twitter/Facebook:
So about this Wildcat Code … The first rule of the Wildcat Code is: You do not talk about the Wildcat Code. The second rule of the Wildcat Code is: You do not talk about the Wildcat Code. LOL.
Let me get all Zack Morris here and call a timeout. John Calipari just "LOL'd". In case you haven't been on a computer in the the last ten years, that's an acronym for "laughing out loud," and it's the most basic internet abbreviation out there. It's essentially the equivalent of using an emoticon, and not even a basic smiley face, but one that's like winking at you. So, our leader, the man who got us national championship number eight, just LOL'd at the BBN. And knowing Cal, he probably really did LOL, one of those big hearty laughs that has all sorts of mischief behind it. Okay, temporary freakout over, let's move on.
In all seriousness, I’m not mad at Dominique at all for talking about it. He’s a good kid who is doing well so far. All I can tell you about the Code right now is that it's geared to make these guys earn everything. Nothing is given; everything is earned. The guys get a grade every day, one for academics and another for physical development. The two grades are then added together. We will tell you what they earned later in the summer. Can the #BBN wait until then?
Who knew Cal was a regular Tyler Durden? Seriously though, the Code is an excellent way to make the players learn not only the value of hard work, but the concept that things aren't being given to them; they have to earn them. One can't help but wonder if this system was in place last year, or if this is one of the ideas the coaches came up with at their two-day summit to prevent those issues from happening again. (Spoiler alert: According to Hawkins, Willie Cauley-Stein has the most points right now with 23.)

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