What Jovon Bouknight learned about his wide receivers in limited spring practice

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[caption id="attachment_291945" align="alignnone" width="1200"] UK Athletics[/caption] Mark Stoops officially added Jovon Bouknight to Kentucky's football coaching staff on March 10, 2020. On March 12 coronavirus effectively canceled every sporting event across the world. Timing was not on Bouknight's side. In his limited time with the team in Lexington, the new coach on campus was able to participate in three spring practices. It does not sound like much, but he'll take it. "I think I got a great feel for the makeup of my room, the talent that I have in that room," he said on Wednesday's edition of Kentucky Roll Call. "That part was wonderful as far as me being able to see that. You wished we would've been able to develop and see some guys mature under my teaching, but it was good. Some people didn't even get that opportunity." Three players made a significant first impression -- Josh Ali, Allen Dailey and Clevan Thomas. The leaders of the wide receiver room, they proved to Bouknight that they have the talent to compete at the highest level of football. "It was important to see those three days because there's not a lot of film. You see guys on film blocking for the most part, but I think it was important to just get around them and see it for myself during the spring practices." Bouknight came to Lexington from Oregon where he spent the last season coaching wide receivers. A 2005 Biletnikoff Award semifinalist at Wyoming, the school record-setting wide receiver brings more than a decade of coaching experience to the Bluegrass, primarily at Utah State where he recruited in Atlanta and the state of Florida. How Bouknight rose to prominence on the field gave him a different perspective on how to teach the position's technique. "I grew up playing running back and linebacker; got to high school and played quarterback. I went to college actually as a quarterback. The first time I lined up at wide receiver was in college. Me caching the ball and me running the ball, that was first nature right there. I understood that easily. It was the technique, the technical aspect of it that I had to learn. That was the one thing I had to grasp and learn," he continued. "That was what helped me as a coach throughout the years." Bouknight is excited and optimistic that he will get to share more of those techniques with his players in person when coaches are expected to return to campus in mid-July. If you listen to the entire interview on Kentucky Roll Call you will hear what the Packers are getting from former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, his first impressions of Lexington and more. For more from the show with me and T.J. Walker, tune in daily from 7-9 AM and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  

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