What makes this UK team different? "We love each other."
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Kentucky Wildcats

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What makes this UK team different? "We love each other."

Nick Roushabout 3 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Kentucky's win over Mississippi State opened the doors for a special 2018 season.  Mark Stoops already feels like they have a special team. "I love this team, because of the way they prepare and go about their business," Stoops said. "We talked all week, it was going to start again in the trenches, physical, the more physical team was going to win. We talked all week about winning your one-on-one matchups wherever they were going to be...and that's what we did. "Arguably one of the most complete games since I've been here in just appreciating the team's approach. There's nothing cocky about this team, but they absolutely expected to play like this and that's the way they prepared and that's the way they're going about their business and that's what I love about this team." Kentucky's defense was dominant.  When they got three and outs, it fueled the offense to fight for extra yards. "I think they feed off each other," said offensive coordinator Eddie Gran.  "They love each other.  There really is a nice chemistry there. C.J. Conrad has never been a part of a team like this. "This team is the closest team I've ever been a part of.  We all love each other.  Offense, defense, special teams, everyone loves each other.  You can really see it out there.  Everyone plays for each other." Kash Daniel can see it too.  It's not just about the starters either.  This team is special because of the guys like Josh Allen, and the guys farther back in the depth chart like Tyrell Ajian. "The camaraderie.  The trust love and believe in every single guy," Daniel said. "I mean, you look at what Ty (Ajian) did tonight.  he hasn't gotten his a lot.  He hasn't gotten a lot of reps, but when his name was called on, he came in and made one of the biggest plays of the game.  That just shows you that everybody -- it doesn't matter if you're a starter, second string, no matter what -- if your number gets called, be ready to play.  Ty came up huge for us and I couldn't be more proud of him." The Wildcats are playing for each other and it's producing unprecedented results. "We play real football now.  We're here," Josh Allen said.  "We want to let everyone know we're not going anywhere." [mobile_ad]

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