What outcome will satisfy you?

What outcome will satisfy you?

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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[caption id="attachment_205925" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Photo: UK Athletics Photo: UK Athletics[/caption] Tomorrow's game will go one of several ways. Ideally, Stephen Johnson will play flawless football in his first career start and lead the Wildcats to a multi-touchdown win over South Carolina for the school's third straight victory over the Gamecocks. Then the Cats are back to .500 and there's some hope moving forward. That's the dream scenario. But there's also the more likely scenario: a very close win or loss in a very close game. That's what Las Vegas predicts, considering this would be a pick 'em if it were on a neutral field. Then there's the worst case scenario: South Carolina and its trash offense scores all over Kentucky's D and wins easily, which could mean the end to Stoops' career in Lexington. So let me ask you, Kentucky fans: What outcome will satisfy you? Are you more of a 'win is a win' fan or do you want to see a double-digit deficit? Or maybe you're just so over Stoops that you're rooting for a loss. Let's put it to vote. Tell us what will satisfy you. Obviously you'd be happiest with a 50-point win, but tell us what outcome is just enough to keep you optimistic moving forward.
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For me, I need to see Kentucky win big. I'm not sure I'll be too excited with a narrow win. I need to see two touchdowns to be satisfied. Put me down for the 14-20 range.

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