What Rule Do Coaches Not Like?

Corey Nicholsabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
As part of their continuing series of "Salacious and Indecent Anonymous Coach Polls," CBSSports.com now asked the question: What rule needs to go?  Granted anonymity, coaches expressed wanting to pay players, wanting to enforce the death penalty on "big time cheaters" (like UNC?), and a desire for something as simple as a longer 3-point shot.  Somebody should tell them that Doron is gone, so they don't have to worry about him lighting them up anymore. But the question was simple, even if the responses weren't.  Take a look:
The question: If you could change one rule in college basketball, what would it be? -Shortened/24-second shot clock: 19 percent -No transfer waivers required for players: 11 percent -More offseason workouts with players: 8 percent -No postseason ban for APR: 8 percent -Four coaches recruiting on the road (instead of three): 8 percent -Pay players: 8 percent -More enforcement against agents/runners: 6 percent -Enhance July contact with prospects/more access to them: 6 percent A selection of answers with less than five percent: -- Eliminate one-and-done (note: this is an NBA, not an NCAA rule) -- Death penalty: harsher punishments for big-time cheaters -- Cut down on official visits -- NBA 3-point line -- Freshman need just six hours of class time -- Hire people associated with prospects
Can you guess which one Cal answered?  If he was polled, my money is on "Eliminate one-and-done" rule.  Those not familiar with Cal might assume that he loves the rule, but as we know from hearing him speak on it, he really doesn't care for it at all.  Even though he currently brings in the most one-and-done players of any coach in the nation, he still acknowledges that the system is unfair to the players.  If not that one, "more offseason workouts" sounds like something he would suggest. Personally, I'm surprised by the 8% garnered by "No Postseason Ban for APR."  I figure Calhoun might be among those eight, with UConn's imminent tourney ban, but I expected that number to be in the less-than-five-percent category.  It's also curious that "More Offseason Workouts" only got 8%.  That seems like one of the options with the most direct impact on coaches, but apparently transfer waivers and shortening the shot clock are more important. Which answers surprise you?  That at least a few coaches want to pay players?  That coaches want even more contact with players in July after the NCAA allowed unlimited texts and calls?  Or that the majority are asking for something as mundane as an NBA-length shot clock?

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