What Tennessee's win over Florida means for Kentucky

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Tennessee's win over Florida last night definitely shook up the race for the SEC regular season championship. Here are your updated SEC Conference standings: Florida 12-3 Alabama 11-4 Kentucky 10-4 Ole Miss 9-5 Tennessee 9-6 Missouri 8-6 Arkansas 8-6 LSU 7-7 Georgia 7-7 Texas A&M 6-8 Vanderbilt 5-9 South Carolina 3-11 Auburn 3-12 Miss. State 2-12 If Kentucky wins out AND Florida beats Alabama and Vanderbilt, the Cats will tie the Gators for a share of the SEC Regular Season Title. However, because the Cats lost to both Florida and Alabama once, the Gators will still be the #1 seed in the SEC Tournament. But, it could ensure that the Cats will get a bye in the SEC Tournament, which could be more crucial than ever. Now, Tennessee's win does complicate matters when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. They've shot up the radar all the way to the first team out of Joe Lunardi's adjusted Bracketology, and Kentucky certainly doesn't need any more competition on the bubble. After it looked like only one or two SEC teams would make the Tournament, six SEC teams are now in or on the bubble in Lunardi's projections: Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that we'd be back in the race for the SEC title?

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