What the filthy Euros think of our Kentuckians

What the filthy Euros think of our Kentuckians

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willie.gif A couple of quick blurbs to give you the opponents' view of things from across the pond. These capsules come courtesy of Bob Torrance at "The Scotsman" newspaper. I think it is based in Paris. Enjoy. KENNY PERRY Age: 48. Caps: 1. Majors: 0. Cup record: P2 L2. World ranking: 17. I like Perry's game. He isn't the most orthodox swinger of the club, but he is a really good player. He's hard to beat when he is playing well. But when he goes off the boil he really goes off the boil. His technique lets him down on occasion. And count me among those who found his absence from the US Open and our Open this year more than a little strange for such a good player and potential winner. JB HOLMES Age: 26. Debut. Majors: 0. World ranking: 52. It's easy to sum this guy up quickly: he's very slow and he's very long. He's slow in a very annoying way too. Sometimes slow players don't really appear to be that slow. But Holmes is very obviously slow. He makes about 20 practice swings on every shot! That's a lot of time to think. Too much for me anyway. Those drawn to play against him will have to ready for all the standing around they will have to do. Some love for Kenny Perry, but apparently the Scots lack patience when it comes to J-to-tha-B.

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