What the SEC Tournament would look like with no divisions
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What the SEC Tournament would look like with no divisions

Thomas Beisneralmost 11 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
sec-tournament-bracket-big-12-model With the SEC Tournament kicking off this week, there will again be talks and numerous stories about the unique seeding the conference uses for their postseason tournament.  A year ago, there was some discussion about changing it and, based on questions being asked on the SEC Coaches Teleconferences, it seems it might rear its head again.  However, if the SEC were to change to the Big 12 model, which simply seeds 1-12 instead of using divisional rankings, there doesn't seem to be a whole of of change.  The above bracket shows the re-seeding based on the Big 12 model and the biggest benefactor is, of course, Vanderbilt, who receives the bye that is currently held by Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs would face a first round game with Auburn and then a likely second round date with the Cats.  Rick Stansbury's gang presents a more difficult matchup than the South Carolina/Ole Miss winner they'll face under current rules, but not a major threat.  Had Alabama struggled in conference like they did in non-conference, though, we might have been looking at four SEC East teams with byes and a far more heated debate.

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