What To Watch For: This Weekend In The SEC

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Tennessee @ Georgia

-Both of these teams are looking for their first SEC win this weekend, having lost two and three in conference games respectively.  Tennessee has had more impressive losses, if you can look at things that way, but they do have to face a desperate home crowd at Georgia.  Still, unless AJ Green continues to play out of his mind, I think the Vols finally win one and throw gasoline on the fire that Mark Richt is sitting on.

Arkansas @ Texas A&M

-The hogs have only one loss on the season, and that is to the number one team in the nation.  Not to mention it was a much closer game than Florida was able to give them.  Meanwhile, A&M’s single loss came against Oklahoma State, while their three wins come against teams that have a total of four wins between them.  Arkansas wins this one easily, unless they are caught looking ahead to next weeks match up with a one-loss Auburn team.

Alabama @ South Carolina

-More than a few people are marking this as the game Bama slips up.  I don’t buy it.  South Carolina started off the season well, and even held their own against Auburn two weeks ago.  They have had two weeks to prepare for the Tide.  They are playing at home.  If you think the Cocks pull off the win, it’s not an unbelievable prediction.  But outside a scare in Arkansas, Alabama hasn’t had anyone come even close to staying with them.  They killed Penn State, they killed Florida, they even killed Duke.  Look for this game to be competitive, but Saban doesn’t get paid more than Bill Gates to lose games.  And he won’t.

East Michigan @ Vanderbilt

-Vanderbilt again takes the game no body wants to watch this week.  We have a one win SEC team vs a no win MAC game at 7 on a Saturday.  BTI may say that Vanderbilt football is worth of going on our ‘friends’ list, and maybe they are.  But they are definitely the friend that invites you out to the coffee shop for some beat poetry, when you’d rather go to the bar.  I woudl say Vanderbilt wins, but I really don’t care.

LSU @ Florida

-Both coaches are coming off an embarassing performance last week.  One was just lucky enough to avoid a loss.  It should be an interesting game, because whenever LSU and Florida play it tends to be.  Expect Urban to have his players full attention, and if he is winning by enough towards the end, expect him to intentionally line up 13 players to mock Miles.  I think Florida gets the win, Les’s luck has to run out some time.

Auburn @ Kentucky

-Things don’t look good for the Wildcats heading into this game.  Are they capable of winning?  Yes.  But they haven’t been playing the type of ball that they will have to this weekend to stop an outstanding Cam Newton.  The Kentucky Offense will have to put up points, because we know the Auburn Offense will.  If the Cats are to win, it’s going to take winning the special teams or turn over battles.  On the plus side, Kentucky is undefeated at home so far this season.  Logic says that Cam Newton may be too much for Kentucky, but I can’t pick against Randall Cobb.  Cats keep it close and have a chance to win in the fourth.

Mississippi State @ Houston

-You look at a name like “Houston” and you assume they will be awful.  But they are actually mediocre, believe it or not, with only one loss on their record, and their three wins coming against bad-not-awful teams.  They seem to have a pretty solid offense, and playing at home should help.  But they haven’t faced anything like an SEC defense yet, so expect them to keep it competitive for the first quarter, get blown out in the second, and make a couple meaningless scores in the fourth.  Dogs win.

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