What's on TV Tonight That Isn't The NCAA Championship Game?

Abby Newcomover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Abby NewcomAbby Newcom
  screenshot_01 If you're anything like me, you're still bummed, bitter and a little numb after Saturday's devastating ending to our historic season. Still thinking I can't sit through the game tonight, let alone enjoy it, I found myself thinking, "Surely there is something I'll actually want to watch on TV Monday night instead of watching Duke win or lose." Well, I took it upon myself to track down exactly what will be showing on every other channel during game time, in case you, like me, need a distraction.   9:00pm ET - April 6th ABC- Dancing With The Stars  (worst show on TV-but it'll do in a pinch) PBS- Antiques Roadshow (slow, mind numbing, monotoned, but you might learn something) CW- Jane The Virgin (actually funny if you like telenovelas) ION- Criminal Minds (always interesting as long as you watch a couple hours before bed) A&E- Bates Motel (also creepy, it is the prequel to Psycho) AMC- Better Call Saul (piggy-backing off of Breaking Bad success) CNBC- The Profit (fascinating for any business-minded person) ESPN- Indians at Astros: starts at 6pm (It's baseball season, y'all!) Food- Drivers, Drive-ins and Dives (Watching Guy Fieri eat greasy food is America's guilty pleasure) Oxygen- Karate Kid Part II (When is the last time you watched this movie?) SyFy- Jumanji (Pretty sure I haven't watched this movie in nearly 20 years...tonight it is!) TNT- Castle (A mystery novelist solving crimes. It's a hit for a reason, people.) WE- CSI: Miami (If CSI is in the title, people are riveted.) WGN- America's Funniest Home Videos (Never not laughed while watching- this is my go-to and top recommendation!)   So, what will you be watching on TV tonight? Tell me in the comments below!

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