What Will Be Next For Billy Clyde?

Andrew Cassadyabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew CassadyAndrew Cassady


Well Billy Gillispie looks to have finally completed an astonishing fall from grace with the news coming out yesterday that he was no longer involved in day to day operations and not to have contact with his team. In just five years BCG went from one of the hottest up and coming coaches in the country to an impossible hire. With his removal from Texas Tech looking like simply a formality at this point you have to wonder what will come next for Billy Clyde? Here are some of the directions I could see our former coach pursuing:   Reality TV Weight-loss Motivator Sometimes in life it is all about finding the perfect fit. While coaching hasn't ended well for Mr. Gillispie he may have a bright future as a reality TV star. I pick Clyde to lead a revival of Celebrity Fit Club, only our former coach won't be a contestant on the show but instead the head trainer. Reality shows about getting fit all need that one person whose only job is to berate the contestants. I can just see Billy shouting at Meatloaf that he would have made the cut if he had only by 25% tougher. Perhaps in a twist of fate he will belittle Kirstie Alley for eating an entire box of pop-tarts. This new job would allow Billy to continue his abusive ways while still trying to help making people better. Although his diet of nothing but Dr. Pepper may not be the best choice for people trying to lose weight. A near perfect fit for the deranged man.   Bully Beatdown My favorite scene in Space Jam (besides Jordan's game winning dunk) is the movie's end. The Mon-stars realize how much bigger they are than Danny Devito and prepare to unleash vengeance for being forced to harness the powers of Shawn Bradley. I could see a similar fate befalling Gillispie. There is only so much a man can take before he is forced to take action. I could see Kader Tapsoba forcing his former coach to run stairs until he develops stress fractures of his own. Jorts could force his tormenter to spend the day trapped in the bathroom stall. With a ton of division one athletes with a reason to go after him perhaps Clyde next move should be the witness protection program. Revenge may not be the best course of action but there is no denying Billy G deserves some sort of comeuppance.    V.P. of Marketing When Bruce Pearl was forced out of the ranks of college athletics he surprised both friends and foes when it was announced he had taken a position as V.P. of marketing for H.T. Hackney. Now Pearl is moving on to be an analyst for ESPN which means his former job has to be open. Perhaps the would like to bring in another disgraced coach to fill that role. Enter Billy Gillispie. While his strengths may not be marketing a program, recruiting, networking, communicating, team building, or bringing an air of excitement he certainly could.... Well he might.... Let's face it there is probably no job that would work out well for ol' Clyde.   Sometimes it's fun to watch a train wreck. Many fans still hold a lot of resentment for Coach Gillispie for the way he treated the legacy of Kentucky basketball and more importantly the way he treated beloved players. In all seriousness I hope Billy can get his life straightened out, seeing someone just ruin themselves may be entertaining but it is also quite sad. Hopefully Gillispie will be able to find something outside of the world of hoops that brings him happiness, because it sure doesn't look like he will be setting foot on a court anytime soon. What endeavor would you like to see Billy Clyde undertake next?  

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