What Will Be the Impact of the Longer 3 Pointer?

What Will Be the Impact of the Longer 3 Pointer?

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
One of the relatively lesser talked about stories of the college basketball season this year is the movement of the college three point line. The line is now one foot farther back, which sounds like nothing, but coaches believe it will have quite an impact. Coach Clyde talked about it at Media Day and said it would change offenses, causing them to be careful designing plays in the corner, as there is lesser room behind the line to the sideline. Many believe it will open up the "Ramel Bradley-like" mid-range jumper again and allow it to become part of offensive arsenals. And in this article about the move, Ben Howland suggests it will slow down the game (from a guy that doesnt exactly play quickly). We wont know for some time what the true impact is, but it will be very interesting to see if the game we see this year differs at all from the game of the past.

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