Whats in Your Basket?

Whats in Your Basket?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ateam.bmp Another magical journey from the Turkey Hunter's mind..... With Easter only a few days away, it is sad to report that Wildcat Nation has seemingly replaced the resurrection of Christ with the resurrection of the basketball program in terms of their respective importance. Yes, getting young William Donovan would have been great for the Cats immediate future. However, UK will fill the position either way next week and hope will spring eternal, whoever takes the reigns. I know getting Billy Donovan was the Cadburry egg of the UK Easter basket, but the other supposed names on the short list being considered aren’t exactly Worther’s Originals and black jelly beans. You want to talk about some bad team leaders you do not want?Check out this list: 1. Hannibal- Leader of A-team : While he took top rated talent of A-Team to multiple victories in smaller venues, U.S. never won any “big dance” war in which he participated. Scored big name recruits such as Face and B.A. but never overcame team unity issues concerning Howling Mad Murdoch; top prospect had to be sedated prior to any away trips; team shooting percentage was 0.00% 2. Skipper- Gilligan’s Isle Say what you will about Reggie Hanson, but no one ever kept on anyone in their position in the face of blatant incompetence longer than the old Sea Captain. While Hanson fumbled blue chip recruiting, it paled in comparison to the numerous times Gilligan dropped the ball concerning a 3-way lumber-jill match with Ginger,Mary Ann, and Mrs. Howell (sub in the professor if that sort of things floats your Minnow). Skipper could not navigate a UK away trip to Berea. 3. Jim Jones- Took show on the road and killedentire team during rehydration. Even Bill Keightley is more responsible when spiking the Powerade. Recruiting never recovered. 4. Suge Knight- Entire team has transferred at one point or another to different organizations, and NEVER on good terms. Just think the impact on recruiting if after having transferred, Michael Bradley was shanked by David Hobbs. Paid his playas in “ass, gas, or grass” - while not specifically prohibited in NCAA guidelines, violates spirit of rules and subjects players/coaches to post season suspension/prison. See, things could certainly be worse than the names that have been mentioned around our current vacancy. Just remember, whoever we get as our next coach, give him a chance to succeed before we blast him for not being worthy of carrying on our tradition of success. And in the end, take the time to remember what this Easter season is truly all about- when a certain man rose from the grave and gave us a giant, magical bunny for all to celebrate.

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