What's your NFL Persuasion?

What's your NFL Persuasion?

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As the reality of life after college is becoming painfully more ominous with every day that passes, I find myself scrambling to find a respectable summer internship. I've been interviewing with some sports marketing companies and one of the first question everybody asks is, "Who are your teams?" Now, I can extoll upon the perfect love I have for UK football and basketball until I'm blue in the face, but the companies I'm talking to are based in Chicago. This isn't a college sports town by any stretch of the imagination. What these people really know and can speak with the best on is the professional game. I've casually followed baseball and hockey and if I have a team in either it would be the Cubs and Blackhawks, respectively, due solely to the fact that I'm in Chicago and it's what they have on TV. When I talk NBA, I revert to my roots and say that I follow and support for former UK players, which I think is something that most of us do. The one that generates the most conversation though, is the topic of NFL interests in Kentucky. I personally am a Bengals fan because that's who I watched on TV and while it's more difficult to find the games online here, I still make an effort to watch every one. I don't think that's the logic that most UK fans follow though. I know there are a few Bengals fans among you and a few Titans fans due to proximity, but what's your logic otherwise? Do you follow the teams that have former UK players? The Packers have a couple former Cats and we've talked a lot about the Broncos now that they've drafted Danny Trevathan but let me know who your team is and why. I'm curious to see what kind of spread Big Blue Nation occupies in the world of professional football.

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