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Matt Jones10/01/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Since we have been doing the blog here on Kentucky Sports Radio, we have been fortunate to watch it grow and see the numbers here truly increase. Part of the reason for that increase is that people who normally come to other sites have found this site as a useful home for basketball recruiting coverage, some football tidbits and overall useless goofiness. However there are many Kentucky sites, and in the interest of fair play, I thought I would give an overview my opinion on some of them and maybe if you dont know they exist, you can give them a visit Most of you know the big ones, but some of the smaller ones are worth visiting if you get a chance. Kentucky Sports Report --- For my money, the best overall of the UK websites. Like most of these sites, its basis is its message boards and I believe it has the best overall group of posters on the net. All are imminetly reasonable, the discussion (especially on the premium board) is always intelligent and the moderators keep the discussion civil. In addition, KSR is home to the best Kentucky sportswriter for my money (Larry Vaught) and the most knowledgable "insider" on the net (CarolinaWildcats). Combine that with some good gossip, and it is my favorite of the sites. Of course I am a moderator there and they let me cover games, so maybe I am biased. ;) Cats Pause -- The largest of the Kentucky websites, the Cats Pause has the largest discussion forum on the internet for Kentucky sports. The moderators there take a much more reserved attitude and thus a great deal of the discussion is open and can range all over the chart. It is likely the best site for football coverage and discussion and is lucky to have another great reporter, Jeff Drummond, to anchor most of its coverage. Due to its affiliation with the longstanding Cats Pause newspaper, this site has tremendous resources and has full time staff that cover all of the UK angles. Because of the sheer number of people, the message boards are always full of discussion of virtually any topic. Wildcat Nation --- Often talked about less than the other sites, but a good place for discussion is Wildcat Nation. This site has a loyal group of posters who discuss in detail most of what is going on in Big Blue Nation. My favorite part of their site is the decision to post the biggest stories from the newspapers around the internet on Kentucky sports on their front page. A quick scan of the first page can get you updated on all that is going on and what there is to read about the Cats. Plus the folks that run the site put a lot of work into it and the discussion is often very deep about the various topics. Wildcat Maniacs --- A smaller site, but one that I have recently found, Wildcat Maniacs, has established a loyal base relatively quickly. A group of moderators keep the discussion going and link to all of the big stories on the web. I like reading the opinions of the posters on this site as it includes some of the more rational conversations on UK throughout the web. If they keep up their current format, I predict this site will continue to grow. Dynasty Defenders --- Best known as the site that exists to berate Tubby, Dynasty Defenders is the home for those unhappy with the state of the UK basketball program. While one could operate such a site well, this site generally takes a "no moderation" policy which leads to vicious posts and the worst agenda posting (of the Fire Tubby variety) on the net. It is the home of those who are not happy and is graced by continued appearances by Alan Cutler.....which is always nice. Wildcat Lair -- A recent addition to the UK website community, Wildcat Lair has a ton of discussion on basketball recruiting, which seems to be one of the site's focuses. Greg Hoover (who for all the criticism giving to him, does take recruiting seriously) seems to call this site his home, and posts his information here. Lots of discussion on this growing site which seems to have no real agenda to speak of. Sea of Blue --- A very underrated site is this blog which is run by frequent poster here, "JL Blue". The administrator of this site links various UK news stories while giving his opinion on the state of UK athletics. I find most of the thoughts on here very good and every opinion is backed with evidence and citations to news stories. This is a site that deserves a good deal of traffic and is one that "blogs" like we do here, but with a bit more serious tone. Aaron's UK Basketball Blog --- Want nothing but news? Then try Aaron's basketball blog. No opinions or discussion, but a straight listing of stories on the net about UK. The thing I like best about this blog is Aaron often finds stories that others miss from newspapers outside of Kentucky about the Wildcats. Good place to check updates on the news. There you have it. There are many more and if I have forgotten or missed one, email me at [email protected] and I will be glad to add more. Lots of UK stuff for everybody and I encourage you to visit them all.....just dont forget us here. ;)

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