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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
I announced proudly a few months ago that I was firmly throwing my support behind Kentucky's newest ABA team, the Kentucky Bisons. Located in the Dirty 'Boro, the Bisons feature a team full of players with ties to Kentucky, highlighted by former Wildcat point guard Brandon Stockton. In my never-ending quest to become the Bisons' version of Jack Nicholson (even though I live in Tampa, I caught up with Mr. Stockton to get some info on the squad and do some serious butt-kissing. Attention, Bisonheads.  Our leader speaks: KSR:  Explain how you got involved with the Bisons. BS:  It was over the summer in Bowling Green and I was playing in the Dirtbowl. They had it advertised that a new team was coming and they were going to hold tryouts, so I went and was fortunate enough to get picked to play on the team. KSR:  So far, you guys are 5-4 in your first season, even beating the Georgia Gwizzlies, who are one of the few animals that prey on bison. What’s it been like so far? BS:  Its gone pretty well. It’s been very exciting, but our record doesn’t prove how good we really are. Two of our losses came to a CBA team that isn’t really in our league, so that doesn’t really count. In the ABA, we’re 5-2 and we already beat the #1 team (Nashville) twice. We’ve competed in every game up until the end and the two games we lost, we easily could have won. KSR: So, you’re promising excitement? Does that mean that we can we expect a few chest bumps? BS: Hahaha, I don’t know if I can guarantee it. But, you never know what can happen and I might just bring that back. KSR: You know, promising a few chest bumps could go a long way in building a legion of Bisonheads. My mom still talks about that. BS: Well, it’s funny because I went to Midnight Madness the year after I graduated and it was the #1 moment from the year before. I couldn’t believe it. The #1 moment. KSR: That doesn’t surprise me at all because you and Tubby both had great form. I scored it a 10. But, speaking of Owensboro, how’s it been so far? The KSR message boards were claiming it was the place to be for beautiful women and great BBQ. BS: I’m still living in Bowling Green, but I have had some BBQ while I was there and it’s good. Moonlight is very good BBQ. And, I think most of the dance team girls live in Owensboro. KSR: Great BBQ and dance team girls? That’s a win-win situation.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for the Cats this weekend.  I’m guessing you caught the game on Sunday.  What did you think? BS:  Man, I’ve been getting a lot of grief from all of the Louisville fans, but I still wear my UK gear proudly. Right now, UK has some young guys who get heavy minutes and sometimes it’s just a stage of learning. Once conference play gets going, they’ll be a team to contend with because of talent and depth. If they play like they did against Louisville, they’ll be a very tough team to beat. KSR: You had one of your better games against the Filthy Cards. What’s it like playing in one of those games? BS: It’s one of the best rivalries around for sure. Both teams were a little up and down this season, but it’s still the biggest game for both. As a player, you’re always ready to play against a rival and, as a Kentucky kid, being able to play in that atmosphere like that is amazing because there are so many emotions. It’s impossible not to be prepared to play. I played a lot of great teams when I was at UK, but there is nothing like playing against U of L. KSR: You mentioned how special it was being a Kentucky kid and playing for the Cats. Kind of along those lines, what’s it like being one of the 15 Mr. Basketball’s to suit up for the Cats? Before I was robbed by Josh Carrier in 2001, I had hopes of doing the same thing, but never got to experience it. Has that been something that has stayed with you as you’ve moved on past high school and college? BS: It was a great honor. One of the things people remember most about me is that “he played for UK and he was a Mr. Basketball”, which are things that I’m proud of. It makes you carry yourself differently as a UK alumni and as a former Mr. Basketball because of the people who did it before. It’s a big honor and I wear it proudly. KSR: Ok, let’s get serious. When are the Bisons having a “Kentucky Sports Radio Night” with Matt Jones bobbleheads? I’ll even settle for a “Thomas Beisner Appreciation Night” because I was the original Bisonhead. I made that up, you know. Feel free to use it. BS: Haha. Ummm, I don’t see why not. Sure. Maybe. KSR: Well, no pressure. But, if it helps, I was a member of the “Brandon Stockton’s Mustache Fan Club” on Facebook when I was in school. BS: Hahahaha, that does help. KSR: Now we’re talking. Ok, Brandon. Give the people the Kentucky Bisons pitch. Why should they come out to watch you guys play? BS: Well, it’s a lot of excitement and it’s family fun. There are interactive things for the kids at halftime lots of things going on when the game isn’t being played. It’s very much like an NBA type of atmosphere. I was injured and had a chance to just sit there and experience it as a fan and it was a lot of fun. A very good family experience. Plus, there isn’t always a lot of good stuff going on in Owensboro so it’s a chance to get out and have a good time. KSR: So, it’s better than cruising for hot chicks and eating BBQ? BS: Hahaha, actually you can take the family to Moonlight BBQ and then head over to catch a Bisons game. That’s the way to do it. KSR: Brandon, it’s been a pleasure. Best of luck this season and, when the “Bisonhead” thing takes off, remember who came up with it. He seems like the kind of guy who might just need an appreciation night. The Bisons take the court again Thursday at 7 pm against Knoxville. BBQ consumption should begin at around 5:30 in order to arrive at the game in a timely fashion.

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