When do we Play Basketball Again?
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When do we Play Basketball Again?

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
lllll After what seems like an eternity, it is almost time for the Cats to play basketball again. Since the last game, we have had Billy Clyde contract-gate, a Jodie Meeks injury, two football games, numerous Tipton attempts at a Pulitzer in the "Controversy" category and a Leonard Washington "Will he or Wont he" that was rivaled only by Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard on Moonlighting. But after two weeks of practices that I am sure were as fun as being a life coach for Derrick Caracter, we are back to action with a game against the Liberty Falwells. Liberty is of course the school created by Jerry Falwell and remains a living legacy of whatever it is that Falwell stands for. In basketball, Kentucky has played Liberty a number of times over the years and it usually has been a "close in the first half, extend the lead in the second" type of game, with the Cats coming out on top. However in this season, it may be the case that no game can be taken lightly and that all bets are off on predictions. Liberty (thankfully) does not play the Princeton offense and thus does not create the matchup problems of a team like Gardner-Webb. However they do like to go back door and play a very patient offense that tends to abuse teams that over-extend on defense. In addition, it does have the power of Falwell and thus the Cats must prepare and be ready for any type of trick or unexpected event. We know little about Liberty but it may be the case that we know even less about what will step on the court for UK. No Jasper, Meeks or Harris means a thin backcourt to go along with a thin frontcourt. It is going to be an interesting season in Lexington and after the events of last week, tomorrow night anything can happen.

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