Where are the Cats of yesteryear?
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Where are the Cats of yesteryear?

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
playerphoto50.jpeg With the beginning of the new season upon us and the news that Woo is a Pacer and Sheray is in Switzerland, I decided to do my yearly search to find out where the Cats of yesterday are at this point. Along those lines, I found this helpful website that lists every Kentucky player that has played overseas and the last team they were a part of. Of course Kentucky players overseas are always full of entertainment.....whether it was Jules Camara's famous African Games summer reports (still a highlight of the internet age in my view...."The Men of Senegal disgraced their nation again by being defeated.....") or Gerald Fitch's discipline for "having the audacity to board the team plane in sandals" in Russia, Kentucky players overseas always pays off for your comedy dollar. While there is little here about Patrick Sparks's winter adventures in Russia (you know there was good stuff there), we do learn that at one time Cliff Hawkins and Marquis Estill (above) played for OSG-Phoenix, along with fellow SEC player, Dan Langhi. While it looks like Hawkins is gone and Estill is taking a back seat to star Kawamura Tayuka, it is good to see the Quis rocking it in Japan, where many Cats, including Deron Feldhaus and Gimel Martinez have been former stars. So give it up for Quis and all the former Cats.....just like our man Hubby used to do on his trips to the Latvian brothels, these guys are getting it done overseas!

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