Where does John Wall fit in the NBA?

Bryan the Internover 11 years


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Would you draft John Wall if you already had Deron Williams or Tyreke Evans? It has pretty much been a forgone conclusion that John Wall will be the #1 draft pick in this summer's NBA Draft.  But, this article caught my eye on CNNSI from Frank Hughes about the difficulty many of the top lottery teams this year will have in finding a role for Wall.  For instance: New Jersey: Have Devin Harris, former all-star Utah (through New York): Have Deron Williams, all-star Minnesota: Drafted 2 point guards last year, Johnny Flynn has been good Golden State: Have Stephan Curry, just drafted last season Sacramento: Have Tyreke Evans, likely rookie of the year LA Clippers: Have Baron Davis, who has huge contract and is unlikely to be traded Philadelphia: Two young point guards, Lou Williams and Jrue Holliday Now, if I am any of these teams, I don't care one bit about what kind of log jam I would have at the point guard spot, I am drafting Wall, unless I am Utah.  He has the POTENTIAL to be an immediate all-star and potential all-time great.  You can't pass that kind of player up.  But, you just wait and see, when draft time comes around, whomever wins the #1 pick, there will be questions as to whether Wall is the best option.  They will find some hole (i.e. turnovers) in Wall's game and then argue that particular team could do with the point guard they have.  In the end, you would think no team would be dumb enough to pass on Wall, but you just never know, especially if its the Clippers.

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