Where does Kentucky rank in Rothstein's Top 25?

Where does Kentucky rank in Rothstein's Top 25?

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UlisLouisvilleBlood-e1419722122801 Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports released his pre-season top 25 this morning. Right now, he has the Cats cracking the top five behind Maryland, UNC, Kansas, and Iowa State. Also worth mentioning, Louisville didn't make his pre-season rankings. Here's the full 25: 1. Maryland 2. UNC 3. Kansas 4. Iowa State 5. Kentucky 6. Virginia 7. Duke 8. Oklahoma 9. Wichita State 10. Villanova 11. Cal 12. Indiana 13. Gonzaga 14. Michigan 15. West Virginia 16. SMU 17. UConn 18. Georgetown 19. Arizona 20. Cincy 21. Miami 22. Purdue 23. Oregon 24. Mich. St. 25. Wisconsin   On the cusp: UofL, Butler, Texas A&M, Xavier, and Baylor.   What do you all think? Do you guys agree with Kentucky at #5 or would you rank them somewhere else? What about the other teams? Let's hear it. @JC_KSR

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