Where Have You Gone Mark Coury, Jesus Loves You More than You Would Know
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Where Have You Gone Mark Coury, Jesus Loves You More than You Would Know

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
markc Oh oh oh When I went to the open gym on Saturday and saw the new, 25-man Kentucky roster, a twinge of sadness came over me. Yes we still have Matt Schnerbenske and his "I just got out of bed look.....yes we have Josh "Big Country" Harrellson and his Buddy "Turtle Halcell....yes there are is the future in the form of Landon Slone and Adam Delph....and yes Dwight Perry is still dancing on the sidelines. But we have lost our rock, our knight in shining armor, we no longer have Mark Coury. From the day three years ago that we heard about the Coury Flurry and saw his Napoleon Dynamite-esque frame, we knew something special was here. Joining the Jared Carter, "I look like I am smelling a fart club," Mark Coury had the potential for greatness....not on the court, but certainly in our hearts. And now, like the self-respect of Ric Flair, he is gone.....never to return. Where Coury will end up is still a mystery. Coach Gillispie has said that he is looking towards schools where he can get a full scholarship to showcase his basketball talents. Schools such as Stanford, UCLA and Michigan have been mentioned as possible destinations that Coury would prefer, but that is likely a pipe dream at best. As magical as Coury is, a scholarship to the top of Divison I is not likely for a Flurry dream ride and he will probably find himself at a smaller school or back walking on somewhere else. In many ways, Coury was a wonder from the outset. Last season he started more games than anyone on the team outside of Ramel Bradley. Think about that for a second......Mark Coury....started....nearly ever game. It is mind blowing and Mark "Every Day is Senior Day" Coury is on the Top 40 list for UK history for most games started in a season. But I also understand Mark's goals to have his college paid for. It you are going to be a basketball player, why not come out without debt....it does saddle your future options you know. But that doesnt mean I will not miss Coury any less. He was an Everyman....you watched him starting for UK and said, "you know what, I could do that" and it gave everyone the possibility of a Kentucky Wildcat dream. Mark, we will miss you....and pickup games will never quite be the same. But thankfully there is one bright spot....with you gone, students can rest easier, because the gang below will never terrorize the student body again.... the-posse.jpg

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