Where Kentucky stands in the latest Bracketology


Less than ten days of Bracketology left! With one game remaining in the regular season, Kentucky is still a three or four seed in the major NCAA Tournament projections.

Joe Lunardi still believes the Cats will be a three-seed, placing them in the Midwest Region with No. 1 seed Kansas and No. 2 seed Seton Hall, playing opening round games in St. Louis.

Lunardi shared his seed list last night, which shows Kentucky as the top three seed. Is a two-seed still within reach?

CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm has the Cats as a four-seed, also in the Midwest Region playing opening round games in St. Louis:

Right now, Kentucky is the second-highest four seed on Palm’s seed list behind Louisville.

The Cats are also the four-seed in the Midwest Region in Shelby Mast’s projections on BracketWag.com, coming in at No. 14 on the seed list behind Oregon.

If you’re curious, Florida is a nine seed in Lunardi and Palm’s projections and a ten-seed in Mast’s. Gotta win tomorrow.

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