Where Kentucky's prospects stand in mock drafts following the Celtics/76ers trade

Where Kentucky's prospects stand in mock drafts following the Celtics/76ers trade

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 4 years


The trade between Boston and Philadelphia is now official, meaning the Sixers will choose first in Thursday's draft and the Celtics third. How does that affect Kentucky's draft prospects? Judging by the latest mock drafts, De'Aaron Fox will go either fourth to the Phoenix Suns or fifth to the Sacramento Kings. ESPN draft guru Chad Ford seems to believe it will be the latter. "The Kings have also explored moving up to No. 2 or No. 3 in the draft," Ford writes. "Their target has been Fox. Not only is Fox the fastest player in the draft and a major fit at point guard, but he has shown genuine interest in playing for and leading the Kings. If Fox is gone, Tatum seems like the next most likely pick for the Kings." Interestingly, Ford has Malik Monk sliding to 11th to the Charlotte Hornets and Bam Adebayo 20th to the Portland Trail Blazers. Sports Illustrated's Andrew Sharp still believes the Knicks will take Monk at 8th. "This would be a big win for New York. Monk will struggle on defense, and it'll probably take him another year or two before he adds enough weight to finish at the rim and score consistently in the NBA. But even with those qualifiers, he's probably one of the most underrated players in this draft. Everyone was falling in love with De'Aaron Fox a month ago, and recently Dennis Smith has been getting that affection, but Monk's best-case scenario remains just as impressive as either one. He's got unlimited range on his jumper like Jamal Murray, but he's a more explosive athlete, with better instincts as a scorer. If anything, playing next to Fox might have held him back a little bit. Monk will be very, very dangerous." A roundup of the rest of the mocks: Just think, in three and a half days, we'll know for sure!

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