Where To Watch Cats When Out & About
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Where To Watch Cats When Out & About

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ukglobe More or less, what the globe actually looks like You know the feeling. It's March, and work beckons you away from the Commonwealth. Or maybe your wife scheduled a family vacation during the SEC tournament and you find yourself miles away from your local haunts. Possibly, you had to go abroad to make a large cocaine deal in Columbia using the money that Charlie Sheen gave you to refill up his stockpile. However it happens, the bottom line is this; Sometimes, you will be in a different city or town when the Cats take the court. This article from the Herald-Leader (not from that guy pretending to be NJT) tackles the issue of looking for a place to watch the game with fellow fans around the country/world. Several states are covered, with locations ranging from California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Nevada, Illinois, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington D.C., and even as far as the Philippines (most are mentioned on the second page of the article). Within this past winter, I have visited Steamer's in South Carolina and a buddy of mine has ventured to Grevey's in D.C before checking out John Wall play. Both get great reviews from us for both food and atmosphere. Meeting new friends when you are out and about can be an especially fun experience when those friends happen to be the type who will high five you after every Jorts rebound. The ability of the Big Blue Nation to extend its network in such a vast manner as to have meeting places across the globe shows the never-ending passion of our fan base. Here's to hoping all the UK fans, as well as Matt & Co.,  give those Atlanta places their business when the SEC tournament is underway.

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