Where UK now stands in the SEC East race

Where UK now stands in the SEC East race

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#15 Florida 9-2 -- .818 20-5 .800 W4
#18 Vanderbilt 8-4 1.5 .667 20-6 .769 W5
#22 Kentucky 7-5 2.5 .583 19-7 .731 W2
Georgia 7-5 2.5 .583 18-8 .692 W1
Tennessee 6-6 3.5 .500 16-11 .593 L1
South Carolina 4-8 5.5 .333 13-12 .520 L5
Currently sitting 1 game out of an SEC bye, the race for the SEC East 1 and 2 seeds over the next 2 weeks should be exciting, with 5 of the 6 teams in the East having a legit shot at earning that bye.  Certainly Florida has the best route to the title, holding a 1.5 game lead over 2nd place, and 2.5 games over 3rd place.  But, how exactly does the road look to Atlanta? FLORIDA @ LSU (Win) Georgia (Likely Win) @Kentucky (Likely Loss) Alabama (Likely Win) @Vandy (Likely Loss) Projected Record: 12-4 VANDERBILT Tennessee (Likely Win) @LSU (Win) @Kentucky (Loss) Florida (Likely Win) Projected Record: 11-5 KENTUCKY @Arkansas (Likely Win) Florida (Likely Win) Vanderbilt (Likely Win) @Tennessee (Toss-up) Projected Record: 10-6 GEORGIA @Florida (Likely Loss) South Carolina (Win) LSU (Win) @Alabama (Likely Loss) Projected Record: 9-7 Assuming Florida handles it buisness the rest of the way, they are the very likely 1-seed.  And Georgia has 2 very likely losses in games on the road against Florida and Alabama, which knocks them out of the race for the 2-seed.  And that leaves Kentucky and Vanderbilt to fight it out. Assuming Kentucky beats Vanderbilt in Rupp, that leaves the teams with equal conference records.  Which means the quest for the bye will be a 3-game season.  Vandy gets Tennessee and Florida at home, and LSU on the road.  Kentucky gets Florida at home, and Tennessee and Arkansas on the road.  Certainly Vanderbilt has the easier road in that scenario.  But Tenneessee has been wildly inconsistent, so they could beat either team or they could lose to either team.  Both Vandy and UK get Florida on their home floors, where Florida has not played well this season.  And the Arkansas and LSU games are close to equal on the road, with UK getting a slightly tougher draw there.  If UK is able to play the way it did yesterday, they certainly could sweep the last 4 games and likely earn a bye.  But, the road is no cakewalk.  And I, for one, am excited about that.  What about you?

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