Which coach has the worst "sideline antics"?

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Earlier today, Drew mentioned some of the changes the NCAA Rules Committee released yesterday, specifically new guidelines for blocking and charging calls. Also listed in the changes was this fun little tidbit about coaches' sideline antics:
Committee members believe the following behaviors hurt the image of the game and should result in a technical foul against the coach or other bench personnel: - Comments directed at or referring to any game official that question the integrity of an official (repeated references to the number of fouls called against each team; suggesting an official is cheating” a team, etc.). - Profane, vulgar, threatening, or derogatory remarks or personal comments relating to race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation directed at or referring to any game official or opposing player/bench personnel. - Prolonged, negative responses to a call/no-call that are disrespectful or unprofessional and include waving or thrashing the arms in disgust, dramatizing contact by re-enacting the play, or running or jumping “in disbelief” over a call/non-call. - A negative response to a call/no-call that includes approaching/charging an official in a hostile, aggressive or otherwise threatening manner; emphatically removing one’s coat in response to a call/no-call; or throwing equipment or clothing on to the floor. - Continual criticism during a game regarding the same incident after being warned by an official.
Somewhere, Bobby Knight just threw a chair. Seriously though, these changes will have an impact on the game's most colorful characters, including our own leader, who put on some pretty hilarious displays this past season. Let's look at the new rule's biggest offenders and rank them on their odds on getting T'd up more often next season: Cal the Crazy School: Kentucky Patented move: Exasperated WTF face, with occasional ridiculous gestures. Examples include: funny faces, dribbling/play re-enactments, and mock smiling/laughter/applause. Often times follows the ref along the floor for maximum venting. Odds he'll be T'd up more in 2012-2013: 4-1 "Cryin'" Coach K School: Duke Patented move: Crying to the refs about every.single.call. Odds he'll be T'd up more in 2012-2013: 50-1 (They love him too much) Frank "Crazy Eyes" Martin School: South Carolina Patented move: "If I don't kill you, I will at the very least scare the living daylights out of you" Odds he'll be T'd up more in 2012-2013: 3-1 Tom "Clappin'" Crean School: Indiana Patented move: Obnoxious clapping, with the occasional "look at my butt cut quiver with anger" outburst Odds he'll be T'd up more in 2012-2013: 6-1 Rick "The Schtick" Pitino School: Louisville Patented move: Routinely throws refs under the bus, gets T'd up for shouting things at his own players Odds he'll be T'd up more in 2012-2013: 8-1 And just for fun... Mike Davis School: Formerly UAB (formerly Indiana) Patented move: "Head on, apply directly to the forehead." Which coach do you think will suffer the most from the NCAA's harsher guidelines for technicals?

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