Which school is getting most profit/coach pay?

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This is in no way a scientific examination of just how reasonable college coaches get paid.  So, please don't waste your breath telling me the holes in these numbers.  All I am simply trying to show is how much (per win) a school is paying its head coach against how much (per win) to school is profiting off of its basketball program.  Point being, some coaches (cough.....cough....Billy D.....cough......cough....Coach K) don't actually warrant the salaries they attained because their programs don't bring in the cash. COACH SALARIES Bob Huggins ($2 million): $64,516 per win Mike Krzyzewski ($2.2 million): $66,666 per win (all 666 Devil jokes should be made here) Tom Izzo ($2 million): $71,428 per win Bruce Pearl ($2.2 million): $78,571 per win Thad Matta ($2.5 million): 86,206 per win Bill Self ($3 million): $90,909 per win Roy Williams ($2 million): $100,000 per win Rick Pitino ($2.25 million): $112,500 per win John Calipari ($4 million): $114,285 per win Ben Howland ($2 million): $142,857 per win Billy Donovan ($3.3 million): $157,142 per win Tom Crean ($2.36 million): $236,000 per win PROFITS Huggins/WVU (3.67 million profit): $118,064 per win Coach K/Duke (2.03 million LOSS): -$61,515 per win Izzo/Mich St. (6.56 million profit): $234,285 per win Pearl/UT (7.11 million profit): $253,928 per win Matta/OSU (11.42 million profit): $407,857 per win Self/Kansas (7.52 million profit): $227,878 per win Williams/UNC (12.36 million profit): $618,000 per win Pitino/UL (16.87 million profit): $843,000 per win Calipari/UK (6.16 million profit): $176,000 per win Howland/UCLA (4.78 million profit): $341,428 per win Donovan/UF (1.90 million profit): $90,476 per win Crean/IU (8.23 million profit): $823,000 per win HOW MUCH A SCHOOL PROFITS/LOSES PER WIN Louisville: +730,500 per win Indiana: +587,000 per win North Carolina: +518,000 per win Ohio St: +321,651 per win UCLA: +198,571 per win Tennessee: +175,357 per win Michigan St: +162,857 per win Ohio St: +136,969 per win Kentucky: +61,715 per win West Virginia: +53,546 per win Florida: -66,666 per win (hmmmm....sign of the Devil again) Duke: -128,181 per win Now, if you can dig through all of these numbers, you recognize a couple things: 1) The Elite schools are going to make money NO MATTER WHAT.  The fact that Indiana, coming off 2 straight 10 wins or less seasons, still makes money hand over fist, proves this fact.  Louisville was still the most profitable basketball program in the country this year, despite a subpar season.  The same thing can be said at UNC, where attendance may have been down, but overall profit was not.  2) Kentucky is the anomaly of the bunch because of the huge salary of Coach Cal.  What also adds to the lower number of profit per win the is the fact that UK spends more on its basketball program than any other school in the country, which combined with the high salary, leads to a lower profit per win total. 3) How about Duke?  They LOST more money than any other basketball program in the country this season, despite Coach K being one of the 10 highest paid coaches.  They are getting the last laugh in going to a Final Four, but don't look for a lot of facility upgrades at Duke.  And Billy Donovan continues to regret his decision to stay at Florida, as his team is mediocre, his program makes no money, and now he is waiting for Pitino to leave Louisville, which could be as much as 7 years from now.

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