Who are these people???

Matt Jones10/17/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
I know that when one is obscenely wealthy, the concept of money loses some of its importance. When you are Bill Gates, the notion of spending 10,000 bucks for a great ticket to the Super Bowl may be nothing, and I can accept that. But this story from MSNBC still blows my mind. Apparently, business leaders are forking over $1600 a piece in order to WATCH COACH K RUN A PRACTICE. Yes you read that correctly.....watch a practice. During my time at Duke I watched a practice, and what I saw was not worth $1600.....unless you want to pay to watch multiple flopping attempts at drawing a charge and experience the pungent odor of Matt Christenson sweating Bruce Pearl-levels of perspiration. Look folks can spend their money on whatever they want, but in my mind this could not be more of a waste. I mean rich business leaders (at least in theory) got that way by knowing what was an efficient use of resources, right? Could there be anything less efficient than spending money to watch college guys run suicides? I mean if that is worth $1600 bucks, then I should be able to at least get 10 dollars to watch a taping of Kentucky Sports Radio, right? Oh well, the Coach K "Brand" grows.....and in the mean time, the rest of the free world has to deal with the continued sight of Mr. Combover now not only on Sports Illustrated's Cover, but Forbes as well.... By the way, if you really want to vomit, go to Coach K's "official website". But do it before you eat....

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